Thursday, 25 July 2013

How to care about your hands and nails

Gather up all of the things you need and place them near the sink, just in case you spill something.

Soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover. Remove all the leftover polish with this. If you don't have any nail polish on right now, please proceed on with the next step.
Take the bowl of sudsy water and soak your fingers for 5 minutes.

When you are done, take one of the washcloths (see Things You'll Need) and gently push back your cuticles.

Get the nail cutters and shape your nails into a U-shape or a 'squoval'. Cut off any hangnails.

Soak your nails in the lemon juice (Things You'll Need) for about 5 minutes. This cure will make your fingernails healthy.

Apply the lotion onto your hands and then take the two washcloths and cover your hands with them for 7 minutes. They should feel soft and refreshed afterwards.

Buff your nails or polish them.


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